Announcing CKTN Mastodon and Element Instance

Today CKTN can present an official Mastodon and Element instance

Both things are practical finished, and they are already running however the URL will be announced and added later because there are some additional checks that are going to run in the background while I write this announce.

CKTN Matrix Instance
The Matrix instance will be limited in total by 30 new Accounts. Should there be a demand for more then I am going to open up more. 1 Account from those 30 will be used specifically as backup for the forum because Discourse might get a Beta Matrix implementation next year and I want to keep this account in my back pocket assuming you can then simply provide Discourse with that token in order to connect your own Instance with the forum.

The rules are pretty self-explaining, the same rules like will be applied. You will be able to create new rooms, public or private and can opt-in but not opt-out of encryption. In order to disable encryption it would require you hat you destroy the room. So make sure that if you decided to enable encryption that this cannot be reversed. I mention it since some bots do not work with encryption. Regardless of the encryption of your room, the server itself is fully encrypted including cache and tmp.

You can find the source code on

CKTN Mastodon Instance
Mastodon is open-ended which means there are no limits, the rules are written down on the specific pages, terms, privacy policy, about etc.

There are already some instances banned in advance that are known to spam, misinform others or violate given rules.

The moderation will be straight forward, you report, I inspect the presented evidence and then ban or suspend entire instances depending on how severe the findings and reports are.

I in general handle moderation pretty strictly from the start till the end so that there are afterwards no complaints that I handle different people differently. Of course everyone can make mistakes but in such cases you can directly contact a moderator or an admin who can take a second look at the first decision.

The source code is also full open and you can, if you want use it to create your own instance or provide feedback and bug fixes.

Account retention
If I see a longer period of inactivity - 6-12 Months - your account automatically will get destroyed to make space for people who actually want to participate in active conversations. In any case you will get a warning before that happens and if you ignore it, the Bot automatically wipes your account. This also includes moderator accounts.

CKTN Mastodon + Matrix Instance