Chat feature enabled

Greetings on this hot day,
today I decided to enable the chat plugin as it is considerable stable enough to be used.

You can learn how to use over here.

Specific things like retention rate was changed from the default settings as I believe the right to be forgotten ranks higher than the right to not be forgotten. The reason is that users can manually backup conversations anyway in case there is a need to do that.

The chat level has some requirements

  • You need Trust-Level 2 or higher such as Contributor, Donator, Moderator or Co-Admin.

The requirement is enforced to avoid trolls joining the forum and then clown around in the chat or harass others.

The chat is so far not encrypted, there are several reasons why this is not the case

  • As owner you are held liable for content.
  • The only way admins can see chats is looking into the database which is time intensive and requires some skill + some additional plugin like the database explorer which I do not have installed because it drains lots of resources.
  • Encryption is not implemented. The chat system is still a work-in-progress thing and encryption is not the main priority, Discourse might add it or maybe decides not to do it.

I will monitor the encryption process and enable it if its fully implemented and stable. If user then decide to abuse it is on their end, however, shall someone provide me screenshots from a conversation that violates our ToS he will be excluded since the system is not designed to share illegal content. I am well-known to have absolute no respect for people who only use security mechanism to share illegal content and I will make a short process with such people.

Using the chat
The chat might replace Telegram or / and Matrix because Matrix is annoying to moderate, there are zero moderation things implemented or you need to self-host some bots that might break at any point with every new update.

Telegram can be converted to a bot channel. So only news could be posted into it which makes it a zero-effort channel.

I will think about my option and what is the best in terms of moderation, time and usability for you as user.

Within the chat the same rules apply like in the Forum, just do not be an asshole and that is pretty much the own rule. If you want to troll do that in another forum and chat but not here because I do this moderation work for free in my free time.