Constant login brute-force attacks via ProtonVPN

That websites are under attack is nothing new, but what is weird that I get attacks from ProtonVPN users.

If this continues I will simply block all VPNs via ASN and if people switch to Tor I block it too.

Your attempts are worthless anyway since I use key authentication, it will only make things for everyone worse because if I have enough I will start blocking entire ASNs and that is the death of VPNs here.

I write this since I already know who is behind it and who has interest to bring me down and I am well aware he is reading everything I do because this person, - it is just one - is obsessed with me.

have a nice day.


I setup Crowdsec + Fail2Ban as fallback and see this case as closed.

Will update the source when I have a bit more time.