Easiest way to compile the latest Windows OS

People keep asking me how to compile the Windows versions, so this is one last time I explain it.


  • UUP dump
  • Select what version you want
  • Set the configuration you want
  • Compile it, it usually takes lots of time
  • Yes, they upload the official untouched files

Regarding LTSC, Enterprise etc
On a legal note, Microsoft does not provided normal customers with those versions. Meaning there only exist trial versions or you need to directly buy a subscription from MVS to even gain access. So whoever uses LTSC is directly indicated as software pirate as the basic MVS starts at 2k+. If you want to make it look plausible use Enterprise and pull as excuse that you got it with your company, in general Enterprise is the version Microsoft cares most about as this version is delivered to their top clients. So use this over LTSC, also due to security and compatibility reasons.

Regarding Chinese Government LTSC
This version is not available, not even trough MVS because this is a special compiled SKU that is only available internally. The version is only available in Chinese but you can install an english language pack afterwards or directly integrate it. However, use the normal Enterprise version, because this version is not really worth it nor near transparent because nothing is directly documented. There are also some compatibility issues with it.

Best advise you can get
Best advise in general is to use and go with Enterprise or Enterprise N version - the one without Media components for the EU market - as those versions getting regularly updates, you can control almost everything trough GPO and removing unnecessarily components is easy. Avoid, assuming you still want to go trough all this Home or Pro versions, these are the experimental clown versions Microsoft does experiments with as the user base for those versions are the highest while Enterprise is more designed to be stable and used in a bigger environment.

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