Emojis, reactions and how up-/downvotes are handled

CKTN forum uses no Reddit based upvote system to avoid echo chambering things and or to influence the mass on the internet, it does not matter if its meant in a positive or negative way. This is done to avoid getting more attention onto a specific news, tool or opinion etc.

We see relevant news, submissions and feedback equal and do not support a society based on - what others said - YOU should make up your own mind about things and not respell the same like others do. Which is one aspect that there is no up- or downvote only system here.

The problem with the voting system
While Reddit, Lemmy and other platforms usually encourage upvotes, we see things different because people tend to upvote what they like or use. On paper this is a good idea, in the real world people simply use their voice, or influence to downvote everything that does not fit into their believes or thinking. This can be abused both ways, you can encourage other to mass up- or downvote some things to rank higher or lower in search results or the front-page. We think that this bias is toxic for the internet as this usually - not always - results in brainwashing people pretty fast because people think that more votes means that it is special or that the title is correct, which might not be the case.

For example
There exist subreddits with solid content, submissions and user feedback but they do not get any attention at all or they have no or less upvotes which makes it impossible for them to get listed on the front-page or to gain attraction. Vice versa you can abuse the voting system by spreading specific topic onto other high traffic pages such as GitHub or a bigger subreddit which will result that people that are aware of it will up- or downvote it pretty fast.

We see the voting system as critical, we saw that very clearly on YouTube, people raided other channels to mass down-vote them or vice versa, mass upvoted it. YouTube here went the wrong way and removed the downvote option but left the upvote functionality stand, these are half measurements, if you remove only 50 percent of the problem then its not liberal, so you let the entire function stand or remove it all together or come with a better system which is more liberal on both ends.

How we handle things
We use an emoji based system which can be filtered, which means you can sort post based on emojis or reactions. Those reactions will not have an influence on how long a post stays opened or if its directly visible on any front-page - assuming we get one. Instead you can in your user preferences select what you prefer, latest news and topics, top reacted topics etc. In addition to that you can also see some buttons directly on the category which allows you to sort things out.

It is planned to integrate a randomize option to avoid echo chambers or to automatically re-bump old but still interesting topics. Archived topics will not be shown, so only active maintained tools, projects or ideas should be shown.

To avoid mass upvotes or downvotes there is a threshold for each user, including mods, staff and admins. We do not disclose how it exactly works to avoid that this gets exploited, however the core of it is that you see a info popup once you hit some limitation if you ignore it you might lose you trust level, depending on how severe you ignore the given warnings. This system is effective immediately and there is only one category which is not affected by it, that is Announcements including all sub-categories as this section is special anyway and only certain members with certain trust level are able to post in those categories anyway.

Your voice still counts
If you have questions or some useful additions to make you will always be able to express that more in-depth in the comments section, which is the more appropriate way to express concerns, ideas or feedback in general.

Improvements over time
The internet changes, the platform changes and feedback changes over time based on previous experiences. We get that and this means we will quickly adapt to new feedback, ideas or helpful requests.