Forum upgrade to v2.9.0 Beta 6 among some other theme changes

Forum Upgrade
The forum just got upgraded to v2.9.0 Beta 6, other changes are done to improve the overall user experience, there are too many to list in full.

The board is now protected by CrowSec. I made the decision because I dislike Akamai. Akamai was never enabled and I monitored everything by hand, sadly this becomes a burden and I decided to go with CrowdSec which is a better IDS without exposing any data that you do not want to give away, which is a plus compared to Akamai.

Planned for July 2022
There is not much planned for July 2022 except to integrate the Blog posts into the forum, which will take some time because there are some Docker issues that needs to be fixed on Dockers end, which hopefully going to be happen in the next two weeks.

Further plans
The next step is to fix all problems on the to-do list for last month and update the board statistics.