How can I advertise something on CKTN?

Is it allowed to advertise something
In general, yes.

However, it depends on the content and your intention, if you mainly do it to gain cash then your request will be rejected as we are not a platform to sell anything. We simply share interesting things, ideas etc.

How do I request a guest blog or advertise my product
You use the eMail or DM function. One of those options is enough, not both. A staff member will write you back and give you further instructions and permission. The process is straight forward and does not waste your time.

It is a good idea to submit your content, guest post directly to one of the staff member. He will review it, which takes some time and then he approves or rejects it. The selection process will not be disclosed in public but if you get rejected then you will get a reason send in private back so that you might can resolve possible problems.

Guest posts as well as products are getting their own category, and this will strictly only go into those categories so that its directly visible to everyone what this is about.

How long should I wait if I do not get an answer back?
Before you spam us with eMails or Direct Messages, please keep in mind that we are humans. We might be busy with other things, so it is hard to tell how long it takes until you get an answer back. 3 days is an estimate number, if you not hear anything in that time you can freely contact us again. It does not matter if you send a DM or eMail, there is no such thing as prioritizing DM over eMails or vice-versa.

No money
There is no sponsoring, which means you will not get paid and we also do not want to get paid or some perks in return. If you want to give something in return you can include it and mention it in your post, otherwise we have the #announcements:contributions section which is dedicated to forum explicit submissions or in case you want to run your own giveaway, then feel free to use the #announcements:giveaways section.