Intel WLAN 6e AX211 M.2 non vPro bulk

I am giving away my Intel WLAN 6e AX211 M.2 non vPro adapter card. Its the bulk version, make sure you have two antennas, or you need to buy them separately. You can use your old antenna, it should work.

Product specs
You find the product specs here.

How to opt-in

  • You need to be member.
  • You need to like the post.
  • You need to be member of the EU. I would send it outside but its too expensive.
  • Excluded are banned members, or members who try to bypass the system with alt-accounts.
  • You need a valid address, PO box should work too.

Winner announcement

  • You will get a DM.
  • Make sure you did not blocked the admin system announcements account in your settings, by default this is not the case.

Greetings and good luck.

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