Is there a Discord Server?

Why no Discord Server?
Discord pretends to support creators, however, their system only benefits themselves because they paywall almost every feature. Features which are essential in today’s online world, those features need to be unlocked with real money. Discord will never change this system because this is one big way how they generate their revenue.

Discords system is not acceptable for our standards. We also do not know what happens with content you send into Discord, they most likely sell it, which is not what we want to support.

We believe there exist better system to support creators directly, this is one - of many - reasons why Discord is not, and never will be, any option for us.

Which networks CKTN official supports?
We use open networks mainly and those networks are linked in the footer and about page. One of those networks are Matrix.

Fake Servers on Discord and Telegram
There never will be any Discord server, if you found one, please report it to the Discord Safety Team because this is scam, as we do not approve any mirrors.

We for now have a Telegram channel but this might will be used mainly as RSS-Feed, one day as Telegram is considerable insecure especially for groups, channels because nothing is encrypted by default nor does anyone really knows what happens if you delete your content, if its really gone or just hidden.