List of Cookies used in this Forum

Name Essential Expires Description
email Y Session Used during account creation
destination_url Y Session Used during login to redirect to the requested page
sso_destination_url Y Session Used during SSO login to redirect to the requested page
authentication_data Y next page view Used during full-screen login to return data to the JavaScript application
fsl Y Session Full screen login client setting
theme_key Y Forever Client theme personalization. Only used when “Make this my default theme on all my devices” unselected.
cn Y Forever Client clear notifications. I’m counting this as user input instead of personalization because it doesn’t make sense to ‘undo’ or change cleared notifications.
_bypass_cache Y Session Used with ‘fsl’ for full screen login
_t Y 1440 hours User authentication token cookie. SiteSetting.maximum_session_age.hours.from_now
_forum_session Y Session Session cookie
dosp Y next page view Temporary cookie that informs client denial of service protection is in place.
__profilin N Session Developer only, used by rack-mini-profiler to bypass work

Other cookies from third-parties, e.g. if you decide to login from Twitter or GitHub. We only store the session cookie to validate that you are a legitimate user and not a Bot.

If you like to get rid of all cookies directly after leaving the page we suggest using the Browsers own - clear on exit - function provided within Brave, Firefox and Edge or the Self Destructing Cookies extension.

There are in general NO analytics systems installed and there are NO cookies from such systems ever requested from our end.