Microsofts Anti-Consumer History


This list does not include specific employees or ex-employee, the reason is that I want to show the whole picture and individual stuff like this is too much to list here. I make one exception because the case went up to supreme court. It should be noted that the harassment section does include and mention specific employees or ex-employees due to the nature of the accusation and because there might be pending lawsuits or framing involved from Microsoft’s end.

Please keep in mind that actions of some individuals normally do not reflect the whole company unless they represent them directly like CEO etc.

Microsoft itself tend to kill all of their own products, see also here, first they buy any competitor and then after some years when they see there is nothing more out from it to gain, they close their project and repeat the process.

Keep in mind that copyright laws vary wildly across countries and jurisdictions. I only list the stuff that is proven and one example - DOS - that cannot entirely confirmed nor denied, this case in history is a special and the reason why it got listed.

Ads in Microsoft Products and Operating system

Microsoft took the ads idea from Apple, later Google who integrated ads into Apple Music, Apple Fitness, iCloud etc. and GMail.

Antitrust History

I cannot list all 1k+ antitrust files, some of them never made it public because Microsoft handled them internally which means they paid the victim or Corp. before it went ever public.

Microsoft is committed to the highest standards of business ethics, including fair competition and compliance with antitrust laws.

Above statement is taken from Microsoft’s own Antitrust Homepage, which they created AFTER they lost several antitrust cases.

Against user will and without consent

Anti-Consumer and Anti-competitive

GitHub under Microsoft Management


Lie about security chip

Market Manipulation

There is an entire forum for Microsoft regarding manipulations, see here.

Stolen from Apple

  • Calculator function of Spotlight.
  • Continuity Continuum.
  • Free upgrades concept in eg. Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Microsoft Store, which is copied from Linux and or macOS.
  • Right-click using two fingers.
  • Screen Sharing, also known as Remote Desktop Connection, or shall we say NXHost and it was in NeXTStep long before Microsoft or Apple had it.
  • Siri becomes basically Cortana and is integrated into the OS, later Microsoft decided to make it an App.
  • Spotlight renamed to Search box in the bottom left corner and integrated into Cortana.
  • Track pad that performs multiple functions.
  • Windows 2.0 borrowed several elements from the Mac user interface (1985).

Stolen Concepts and Ideas

For more criticism check out the Wikipedia entry.

Taking over Open Source Licenses

After Microsoft got busted they said it was a Bot who automatically adjust licenses for forks, for employees. Which is weird, they let it stand for weeks and months.

Telemetry in Products

The benefit of telemetry in software is questionable. Microsoft and other big players can collect and sell statistics or use given data to maintain full control over the market, because the data might contain sensitive data that can be used to in your own projects and products which gives you an advantage over the competition.