New home for code


CKTN finally has a new home for all code. The new domain as well as gitea is hosted at

I already planned the change since 2020 but I saw that Gitea had several issues and so I had to wait longer than anticipated.

Currently registration cannot be done via eMail, you just do not get any eMail back. I plan to do Oauth in the near future, but registration can also be done by contacting me and I create an account for you. Password as well as 2FA is then on your end, you can change that freely.

There are a few bugs and some things that are on Giteas to-do list that needs to resolved like federation but overall it is now stable enough to be used. I waited until most critical security issues finally got fixed.

There is not much on information I can give, most parts will be opened or is already documented and uploaded.

The instance is connected to the federation and you should be able to see the code already on your Gitea instance, assuming you hosted one with federation enabled.

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If someone provides some .svg graphics it would be more than appreciated. However, I plan an icon overhaul for all systems during the x-mas days.

I might hire someone going it for me since I am pretty bad with graphics in general.