Regarding Donations and Support in general

Just a small Information regarding support

I do not accept any personal donations, bribes or beneficial offers, I am one person which is not a sell-out even if you would give me a billion dollar. You will also not see me begging because I see donations as optional for those who like to help and that is all. You will certainly not get a higher voice nor will give you this more power over users that did not donated, but you get in return some exclusive perks - see below for more info.

Of course I need some in the real world like all of us but it means less since I am happy with the stuff I already own and my house is fully paid and my second apartment will be in 5 years. I also own one of the world biggest reverse proxy service since 23+ years now which is my retirement money in case everything goes south.

I decided to make and post this under Rules because this principle will most likely not change over time and there will never be some sort of ads introduced or some tracking. I dislike it myself so I will not introduce such system on my community.

However, I understand that some people might like to help so if you feel like that you want to support the service and content then there are two things I can and will offer.

  • There will be a annual or yearly service costs report. I would use donations to pay electricity and for server stuff, e.g. for upgrades. I am currently working on such a system that shows some sort of optional goal. However, even if we do not reach the goal the server will still be running. This system should be transparent to avoid corruption, trust but verify principle.
  • Additional money or any income above the server maintenance goal would go to a climate, animal and or health care organisation of my choice. There would also be a report about the income amount and outgoing amount to make this process transparent.

Perks for those who help
My idea was to give something back for those who help, however it would absolutely not give you more power in form of influence, nor will this make me or other admins or mods tend to favor you over others who did not supported the project.

  • You will get 5 GB space for Git, what system you use is up to you, the content and space will be fully yours, the only premise is that its used for open source and nothing illegal because I at the end need to justify possible consequences.
  • Depending on the donation level, see OpenCollective, you get a mug or hardware wallet or a NitroKey back. The system is not finished as I am looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner that I can team up with. Merchandise would be another possibility, maybe a T-Shirt. However, I have some expectations and do not want to hand out people cheap crap or stuff that does not meet my quality expectations in general because that is not how I operate or like to support or communicate to the outside world.

I will look into this and keep you guys updated on this topic and idea and how I ultimately implement it.