Review of 8BitDo Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox

Today I am reviewing the 8BitDo Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox that came yesterday, I write this quick review in a hurry but it gives you an overall impression about the controller, some of the features and a final conclusion.

The controller comes in a small box, without much gimmicks. I decided to go with the wired version as the wireless version was not available at that time and I in general had lots of bad experience with wireless controllers regarding input latency. However, you can if you want connect it to iOS and Android via BT.

The manual comes in several languages.

I am not going to show the manual, as you can see it anyway on the official website in a high quality pdf format. There is also nothing much to show, it includes basic instructions how to connect your controller and that is it.

The controller itself is around 50 Euros and has a good look, typical Xbox feeling and the quality is more than okay for the price.

As you can see it has a microphone mute button and you can plugin your headset if you want that. The photo also shows the quality of the d-pad which feels Xbox like.

The buttons on the back are easy to reach and they all have a good pressure point. You can customize them with an optional Windows Tool or remap them via Retroarch or whatever tool you like, but for a constant remapping you need the Windows tool, there is no Linux tool to do it.

Speaking about Linux, you need a Kernel newer than 4.15+ and Kernel headers installed, I only had to install xone to make it work in Steam as well as in RetroArch. I typically fo with Retroarch to measure latency and do some input related tests because modern games usually compress and add some extra created delay to the inputs which is not the case in classic games.

The grip is fantastic and even if you get sweaty hands you can hold it without the fear in loosing the controller my accident. Overall a good and solid experience even for just 24 hours of testing it.

I was always a 8bitdo fan and the new controller is super good, even tho it says it only works with Windows and MacOS, Android and iOS it works fantastic with Linux after installing the correct driver. Only a key mapping tool for Linux is missing and I hope they will one day add official Linux to their controllers because Linux is more and more accepted as gaming platform and I do not see to exclude us Linux users.


I would buy the controller again and I hope I can game a little bit more over the x-mas days. I am absolutely happy with the build quality and the price.

About the Review

The review is not sponsored, I paid for everything myself nor did I get any money for writing it.