Security and Privacy - The New Testament

First of all I am not religious, I need to mention it right on top of the small blog post here to avoid some confusion about the title.

Privacy and Security is sold as Bible these days
I am well-known in the privacy and security scene and I think lots of people respect what I say and how I say it, so as always I come straight to the point.

In modern world everyone wants to sell fear to make cash out of it, I mentioned in the past several examples. You can say whatever you will and think whatever you will as long as you donate or buy the product. Fear. Like in the church, is sold to motivate others, or you, to buy and believe in something and blocks your critical thinking. Some scientists even go this far and claim that church or believe itself is a language virus that blocks mentioned pathways, critical thinking so that you accept given reality as yours without question it at all or not as much as you should in order to accept it faster.

Same ideology like in the Bible is sold these days under the name of privacy of security
I read and report about it every single day, privacy here, security that. It annoys me to death because those articles are very oft just pure nonsense and they totally fail to show its true core, what it really is. Is is something you can just install and that is it, no… Is it something you can subscribe to and that is it, … no, of course not.

It is always about selling something, for money or a believe or something that someone else can gain from you. It is once again like in the old age when church sold their own ideology as truth so that a handful people can live from it. Nothing but this is modern privacy.

If your product is secure and private you do not need to advertise it as such, pure and simple
Do I advertise the forum or other things I do as hyper secure or imply this and that to gain attention, no. I always mention potential drawbacks and moreover imply that it is a work-in-progress and that is what privacy and security is, an idea and work-in-progress concept that needs several components like work-hours, manpower as well as knowledge which you do not gain by installing some programs.

Against brainwashing people to exploit their fear
I am entirely against the method some people use to exploit others aka buy my book and I tell you how to get rich while in reality only the one who sells it gets rich otherwise everyone would work around as rich fuck, which is simply not how things are in the real-world.

I think lots of people falling for the scam, and I call religious belief scam, which is what this is about as pure scam when no one really asks critical questions anymore or to overthink the given information and directly accepts it as right or wrong. Especially in the security scene people should already know that installing the right tools should never be count as absolute one or zero, more like a layer which you can expand with your own knowledge or with a discussion were you can learn more about from. However, I see more and more abusing words like my stuff is secure, without any actual real evidence accepted blindly which is not only dangerous but it goes straight back to my biblical standpoint on how some people see things these days.

The point of this small blog post is to make people more aware about a brainwash problem that I personally see as the - religion problem.


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