Several forum changes between May and October 2022

A lot of things have changed over the last couple of months. There are too many to list in detail.

However, the board will continue theme, icon as well as DNS based things in the next months. It is possible that due to domain changes as well as rebuilding some docker images you might experience some downtime’s.

Overall this is the to-do list which I plan to complete until next year

  • Perhaps another domain name
  • DNSSEC related changes
  • Use IPv6 as fallback, currently IPv4 is used and enforced
  • Theme fixes and changes
  • New icons for categories as well as new logo, the logo is the small banner you see on the left next to the three dots menu for the sidebar, which also fixes the eMail header that looks squeezed.
  • Database improvements
  • Maybe HaProxy as proxy - I review several options here which is an ongoing process
  • Things the community gives me as feedback.
  • Leftover points from here.