Sunsetting the Telegram channel

After several years I decided to put an end to the official CKTN Telegram channel. There are multiple reasons why, but basically its the same story than with Discord.


  • Same like Discord I do not trust the owners and the VCs and investors behind the platform.
  • Telegram changed and this not for the good, it went totally the opposite of free speech, its now all about collecting money.
  • Telegram decided to sell-out usernames and I fear every second that someone purchases my name or channel name. I am not willingly to play the game and pay for account names and channel names.
  • Telegram became unpredictable, same like Discord the new goal is to lock everything behind a paywall and people falling for it, but not with me. Its not about supporting things you like and daily use, it is about previous promises to keep Telegram clean. I see such a promise from the past broken and feel like its a good time to make a clean cut to switch to programs, channels and platforms that hold their promises.
  • We have already enough platforms and there is no need to depend on Telegram as news channel.
  • I started the channel in my free time and now I have less and less time and my interest sinks when there is no reaction, suggestion or feedback - I think that is just a normal feeling.

There will be however still a Telegram News channel which mirrors my Telegram and Mastodon stuff into the channel. Sadly I hit all rate limits and the channel became a bit slow regarding posting content. I try to fix this over x-mas and look into cheap solutions to setup a Webhook, RSS that actually forwards my content into the channel.

In the meantime I setup an 100 users only channel for Session, for now I will continue there, post some useful content into this channel. There is no link except my ID because I need t manually add you, if I see that the interest is high and we reach the 100 users barrier I might setup a public group. The difference is that more people can join and you can setup the group to be discoverable trough Sessions own search function.