Upcoming Forum changes and improvements in May 2022

Upcoming changes

Here are the upcoming changes that are planned for this month. It might take a little bit longer but I try my best to get this solved.


  • Fix welcome screen and text for new users.
  • Connect Fediverse to Nextcloud and allow existing accounts to join and or connect to NextCloud.
  • Fix icons and banners - low prio
  • Fix markdown editor lag*
  • Remove Redis debug popup, the little debug popup on the left side.* - done - low prio
  • * Fix and improve level badges + add some icons.* - done
  • Create a new default user avatar for new members.
  • Automatic backups - high prio.
  • Address user feedback.
  • Improve FAQ - high prio.
  • Introduce a system or help page to have some sort of ban appeal, because even admins and mods can make mistakes.
  • Improve webhooks and connect them to Matrix, Reddit Telegram - done high prio.
  • Add more stuff to the dashboard, connections to Reddit, Mastodon etc. Most widgets are working but you cannot connect it yet because I did not setup any API keys.
  • Install discourse-cakeday - done
  • Install discourse-spoiler-alert - done
  • Install discourse-user-card-badges - done
  • Install discourse-yearly-review - done
  • Install discourse-solved - done
  • Install discourse-footer - done


  • Connect Fediverse and the forum.
  • Automatic backups - high prio. - done
  • Address user feedback.
  • Add support 5 GB space perk in the settings and automate the process for approved supporters. Right now the whole process is manually done.
  • Improve webhooks, to get news and feedback into the cloud.
  • Change icons and banners - low prio. User based submission are welcome.
  • Fix the dashboard lag. - done since 25.x
  • Fix the 2FA scroll glitch.
  • Complete forum iframe implementation. - high prio.