Why I am against All-in-One self Hosting images and full automation

In today’s world everything seems to be automated, updates, docker images etc. However, I am highly against automated webmaster tools such as pre-installed images that you only need to update here and then, let me explain why.

Easier is not always better

While in theory automated docker images and an entirely automated system that you use to host your stuff sounds reasonable it is overall not better, you as webmaster should learn to work with the system and not blindly apply everything without knowing what you do.

Missing learning curve

Some people these days actually want to NOT learn something, which I find weird. They want to getting shit done and that is is, the problem here is that in case there are some errors you are unable to solve them yourself. This leads you typically to a search engine and plays others in the hand, google, the website you visit gets clicks and traffic and it creates a society of - I need to google how to cook water - because basic knowledge about administration as well as how to deal with some small things entirely shifts to an unknown cloud void. If those advises are good or bad is another thing.

Security ala copy and paste

Another problem is that the security factor shifts to mainly blindly apply some random advises on the internet in the hope that you might solve errors, increase security but in truth you have no background knowledge about what you actually did because you gained nothing out from it, you applied it but nothing sticks in your head because you never had any chance to learn anything out from it.

Rage against the dying of the light

Auditing things is mandatory, it is work, it maybe pisses you off but without it you are doomed, you never learn if there was a breach or not or how to solve potential problems that could occur in advance, such as server upgrades etc.

I think it is important that we should combine A.i. tools in the near future and then give people the knowledge how it works, what to look for and teach our kids how to create basic stuff on the internet, it starts with what platforms are potential dangerous, with school teaching about basic things such as what is phishing and all the stuff you are basically daily confronted as normal user and web surfer and as web administrator.

No conclusion

This little post has no conclusion as this topic is endless, automation has pro and cons but all is useless if you have no clue about what you do and this leads to a insecure society that is filled with doubts as well as - we listen to x because he has more followers and likes - which I find unacceptable.

I think the school as well as the govt. needs to work more - for the people - which means they should, in the first place check on the little ones and not big corps. or investors. We need better internet training, or call it what you want and a better system how to deliver reliable and tested information otherwise you just randomly grab something that can lead to more problems than it solves.